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Lykke's state-of-the-art products and services offer wealth managers a unique opportunity to efficiently integrate digital assets into their portfolios.

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Committed to continuous innovation, Lykke ensures success in the evolving landscape of wealth management as digital assets gain a larger foothold over time.

Our solutions

Our cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of wealth managers, family offices, and brokers.

Process large trades daily, enjoy smooth transactions and minimal downtime. Our commitment to deep liquidity refines spreads on every order and ensures optimal trading conditions.

Lykke delivers unparalleled security in custody solutions, utilizing a tested and proven technological framework. Safeguard your clients' assets with confidence, backed by our robust security protocols that have withstood the rigors of the financial industry.

Competitive cost structure with fees that rank among the lowest in the industry.

Our EU and Swiss licensing establishes us as a secure and reliable partner for wealth managers, particularly in the European market, providing a robust foundation for trust and compliance.

Our products and services

Which of our products and services best serve wealth managers?


A self-custody solution that goes beyond conventional boundaries, offering deep security policy flexibility and support for a diverse array of digital assets. Its comprehensive feature set includes efficient API integration and ensures full compliance with AML regulations.

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