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This robust custody solution embodies Swiss traditions and values to deliver enhanced security, control and personalized support.

Features on Azobé

Custody You Control

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated segregated on-chain wallet. With Azobé, we safekeep your blockchain keys while you maintain the power to specify your own policy rules and controls.

Why choose Azobé

Reliable, tailored, and transparent custody service.

  1. Flexible governance enables you to set up and manage your transaction-signing workflow to accurately reflect your team structure, while our comprehensive monitoring & reporting system facilitates compliance.
  2. Azobé empowers professional investors to make transactions, and secure assets across 14 leading blockchains.
  3. Unlike other solution providers, Lykke ensures a dedicated account manager is always just a call away to advise and support you in any moment of need.
  4. Azobé ensures cost-effective crypto accessibility. Our low fees empower organizations of all sizes to securely hold digital assets and venture into the crypto revolution.

Choose Azobé for a reliable, tailored, and transparent custody service.

Trust Azobé to safeguard your investments in digital assets. Join other institutions and high net-worth individuals in accelerating the adoption of digital assets.