Lykke Exchange under maintenance following security incident. Inactive until further notice. Read updates here.

Updates on Security Incident

Latest update - 19/07/2024

Incident update | July 19, 2024

I’m happy to announce that all our teams now are operating under a completely renewed security framework, focusing on the relaunch of the Lykke exchange’s operations secured by this new environment. Individual action points are currently being defined, now that the analytical part of the project has been completed and validated by our external partners.

Q&A about the security incident

Incident update IV | July 12 2024

Our incident report was finalized in close cooperation with our security contractor and submitted to the law enforcement and prosecution agencies. The report includes a detailed analysis of the security incident in the form of a timeline and other facts.

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Incident and Activity Report III

I am pleased to send you the third edition of our weekly newsletter in response to the unauthorized access of the Lykke cryptocurrency exchange that took place on June 4.

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Incident and Activity Report II

This Incident and activity report provides some details about the measures we have taken in response to the attack and our chances of recovering the stolen funds. Please understand that, in the interest of the ongoing investigations, we cannot disclose additional details to avoid jeopardizing our efforts.

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Town Hall Meeting

Our CEO, Richard Olsen, addressed the recent incident and outlined steps for recovery and improvement in a town hall meeting held on June 25.

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Incident and Activity Report I

An Incident and Activity Report details the June 4, 2024, attack on Lykke's infrastructure, withdrawn funds, immediate response actions, and ongoing measures.

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