Lykke Exchange under maintenance following security incident. Inactive until further notice. Read updates here.
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Incident and Activity Report III


Before I report on the milestones achieved on our path to having the Lykke exchange back up and running, I want to give you an overview of the additional tasks that we have undertaken as a result of the security incident.

First and foremost, we are ensuring the provision of all necessary material and human resources required for ongoing operations and for the step-by-step revamp of the entire Lykke exchange until normal operations are fully resumed. These processes must be closely planned and precisely documented to identify even the smallest deviations from the initial plan.

As for the management of the incident, I am in constant and close contact with allĀ  internal and external specialists, as well as the various law enforcement agencies involved in our case. For me it has been encouraging to observe the sophisticated methods used and the results achieved over the past month.

In this area, we have passed a first significant landmark with the completion of the forensic evidence collection. The evidence secured has been continuously incorporated into the criminal investigation. I can at this stage not share any further details so as not to compromise the ongoing investigation.

On the technical side, we have finalized our security audits. We are currently implementing the completely redesigned security architecture. This program comprises several thousand action points.

We have, in parallel, reviewed the operational resilience of the Lykke exchange. Based on initial results, the exchange operates to a very reliable standard. The identified improvement potential is continuously translated into a variety of individual optimization measures that are immediately incorporated into its system.

We aim to complete the ongoing analytical work in the coming weeks and then gradually resume full operation of the Lykke exchange.

If you have further questions, please send me an email to [email protected]. I have made it my duty to answer all of your inquiries promptly.

With kind regards,
Richard Olsen

CEO and founder

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