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Top-tier liquidity for all-tier institutions

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Institutions thrive on a robust market. At Lykke, we empower institutions with services that facilitate seamless buying and selling of crypto at any moment and amount at wholesale rates.


Effortless OTC Solutions on Demand

Simplify your trading operations with our OTC market-making stream accessible via API. Exchanges and financial institutions can seamlessly connect, enjoying a continuous flow of prices whenever needed for streamlined OTC market making.

Why choose our liquidity & market making service

Reliable, deep liquidity at competitive pricing.

  1. Experience continuous 24/7 liquidity for unwavering pricing stability. Our reliable provision ensures confidence in navigating markets seamlessly, offering peace of mind for your trades at any hour.
  2. Dive into substantial liquidity catering to diverse volumes. Our deep liquidity provision ensures a seamless trading experience, regardless of the scale, providing a foundation of strength for every transaction.
  3. Unlock competitive spreads and minimal fees with our optimized pricing model. Experience the advantage of precise pricing, ensuring cost-effectiveness and transparency in every trade.

Are you in pursuit of elevated liquidity and finely-tuned pricing for your assets?

Elevate your trading experience with our commitment to seamless transactions and competitive spreads, ensuring your assets receive the attention they deserve in the market.