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Institutional-grade security, seamless integration, and user-friendly features. CALYX ensures that your organization can securely safekeep and manage its digital assets, empowering your blockchain operations.


At CALYX, security isn't just a feature – it's our foundation.

  1. We've built our platform on the bedrock of safe and proven IBM Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), coupled with tamper-proof security policies.
  2. With CALYX, you only need to integrate one API to deploy and manage smart contracts on any blockchain.
  3. CALYX is a one-stop solution for all your financial needs. It allows you to create a single account capable of receiving deposits and transferring withdrawals.
  4. Pay zero fees on deposits when your blockchain supports destination tags. Even if your blockchain supports multi-endpoints transaction topology, the fees remain minimal.
  5. CALYX simplifies your crypto journey by managing end-user deposits and withdrawals in a blockchain-agnostic manner. You won't need to delve into blockchain-specific development or knowledge.
  6. Enhance the security and transparency of your transactions with CALYX's mobile app. Now, you can validate your transactions with ease, at the touch of a button.
  7. CALYX is fully compliant with the SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP). Our two-way TLS encrypted communication ensures smart contracts can be sanctioned-screened before triggering transactions.
  8. Take control of your transactions with CALYX's flexible policy engine. Customize policies, enable auto-signing, and apply diverse metrics to your signing strategy.
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