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Lykke's crypto banking platform can help you offer new products, attract a broader clientele and facilitate faster, cost-effective international transactions.

crypto solutions for banks

Why banks choose Lykke

Our blockchain-agnostic solutions help banks and other financial institutions with their banking operations.

Lykke’s ecosystem of blockchain and trading solutions facilitates banks in entering the digital asset space to offer a new spectrum of services. Our modular designs allow your bank to pick and choose different products and seamlessly integrate them with existing systems.

We design solutions with banks in mind to protect your users and their accounts with advanced security measures. We partner with top KYC and Authentication providers to prevent insider threats and keep banking operations secure.

Our licensing in the EU and Switzerland assures banks of our regulatory compliance, contributing to a secure and legitimate financial partnership.

Our products and services

Which of our products and services best serve banks?


A white-label crypto wallet tailored for your company. Simplify your customers’ journey into the world of cryptocurrency through a user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility for users at all levels of expertise, and offer cost-effective transitions between crypto and fiat.

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