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Meet SAKURA, the white label crypto exchange designed to empower your business to offer trading of a myriad of financial products: Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Futures, Stocks, Indices and CFDs.

white label crypto exchange software

Features on Sakura

white label trading platform

Modular and open architecture for efficient integration with your existing systems.

Sakura's extensive set of features, integrations, and technical components make it ideal for semi-professional and/or institutional traders.

What’s on Sakura

Sakura can help your broker business flourish:

  • Mobile App:
    Trade on the go, anytime, anywhere.
  • Web Terminal:
    Customize and streamline your trading experience.
  • Backoffice:
    Manage your operations efficiently.
  • High-Performance, Scalable Backend:
    Handle high transaction volumes cost-effectively.
  • Sakura's core engine is blockchain capable, allowing you to interact with digital assets effortlessly.
  • Achieve top transaction performance to handle high transaction volumes efficiently.
white label crypto exchange software

Your success story starts with Sakura

Embrace a new generation of digital trading and meet the needs of your customers.

Contact us today to learn how Sakura can benefit your organization and help you thrive in the crypto market.

Freqently Asked Questions

  1. A white label crypto software is essentially a ready-made platform that allows you to launch your own branded cryptocurrency exchange without having to develop the underlying technology yourself.

  2. A white-label exchange typically includes essential features such as customizable user interfaces, trading functionalities (like order placement and execution), wallet integration for various cryptocurrencies, KYC/AML compliance tools, and administrative dashboards for managing users, transactions, and security settings.

  3. Lykke Sakura Solution lets businesses quickly launch their own crypto exchange using our white-label technology. With customizable interfaces, trading tools, and compliance features, businesses can effortlessly tap into the crypto market, focusing on their strengths while offering customers a secure and user-friendly trading experience.

  4. With Sakura, you can quickly launch your own branded trading platform without the need for extensive development, which allows you to enter the market swiftly and focus on your core business objectives.

  5. Absolutely! SAKURA, our white label exchange platform, can be fully customized to meet your specific business requirements, ensuring that your cryptocurrency exchange reflects your brand identity and offers features and functionalities tailored to your unique needs.