Blog · June, 30

Thank you for joining our cause and investing in Lykke. A special thank you for the many of you, who participate actively in our public channels and provide us feedback of how to improve our products and services.

Blog · June, 19

As summer gets underway in the Northern Hemisphere—and winter returns to the Southern Hemisphere—we thought it time for some status reports from our movers and shakers among the global elite. These men are busy making the world safe for Lykke, but they took a few moments to apprise us of our standing.

Blog · June, 10

Lykke Exchange features are now available on top of the Ethereum blockchain. In this post you will find some technical details of Ethereum settlement integration.

Blog · June, 10

Offchain settlement is a secure method of settling a Bticoin transaction that involves the Bitcoin Blockchain as little as possible. By this method, two parties register a mutually agreed initial state for a bidirectional payment channel (as represented by a multisignature address) on the Blockchain and then gradually modify the agreement off the Blockchain until both parties agree to continue. 

Blog · May, 23

Innovation is the hallmark of the modern world: Apple changed phones. Tesla is changing how we drive. Google changed how we get information.

Blog · April, 24

The price of LKK has been increasing at a rapid pace. This is good news, because a higher valuation makes it easier to raise funds and enhances our brand, which in turn makes it easier to attract motivated people. There are, however, also risks associated with a rapid increase of the LKK price.  We decided to prepare a weekly report of the market dynamics, so that everyone interested in Lykke could make an informed decision.

Blog · April, 04

Sandro Küng went to Myanmar and had a chance to meet Arne Fjørtoft, the founder of the Worldview International Foundation, and see for himself how the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park project works.

Blog · March, 24

We are looking for talented researchers to join Lykke research team for an internship and work on exciting projects at the intersection of finance and Blockchain.

Blog · March, 13

As a company, Lykke is moving from strength to strength across several regions, with a host of innovative projects being diligently progressed by our dedicated team of brilliant individuals, on a mission — to help change the world, one step at a time.

Blog · February, 24

Forward rates are theorized prices of financial transactions that might take place at some point in the future. Or put another way; forward rates help to understand the future value of something, today. Let's see how it works for Lykke.