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Lykke’s staking solution now live!

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Our long-awaited staking solution is now live. You can as of now stake Lykke tokens without any minimum threshold.

Our token is called LETH, which stands for Lykke Liquid ETH staking. It is an internal token providing retail access to staking services without the usual constraints such as a minimal amount, a lock-in period or technical monitoring.

So how do you start staking LETH? It’s easy:

  1. Deposit or buy Ether (ETH) on the Lykke exchange.
  2. Buy LETH on the Lykke exchange

Thereafter there is no need to act. Your staking rewards will be automatically paid into your account on a daily basis. These staking rewards are directly linked to the rewards generated by the validators’ nodes operated by Lykke.

 We calculate the staking rewards using a mathematical formula. The amount of money you can earn from staking LETH depends on a multitude of factors, such as the amount of ETH staked, the current market conditions, and the staking rewards offered by the network validators.

 We assume LETH’s investment risk, protecting our clients from the potential losses of staked amounts.

 It’s worth flagging that LETH is designed in such a way that the staking reward is the sole driver of its value. Factors such as overall demand for LETH or liquidity will only affect the value very marginally or not at all.

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