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Lykke stands as one of the pioneers in cryptocurrency trading, rooted in the world of high-frequency finance.

Evolving from a prominent global forex broker, we embraced blockchain technology in 2015, ushering in a new era of crypto trading.

As we evolved, so did our offerings, marking our commitment to reshaping markets and championing the widespread adoption of this groundbreaking technology for individuals and businesses alike.

Enterprise Solutions

With extensive experience working with diverse organizations and institutions, we've developed a comprehensive toolset that facilitates organizations of any size in adapting to evolving customer demands. Our advanced blockchain solutions bridge the gap between traditional operations and the new age.

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Liquidity & Market Making

Our Liquidity and OTC Trading service provides unparalleled access to digital asset liquidity with top-tier spread and depth quality, ensuring continuous availability. This service includes flexible integration options such as OTC API and Exchange API.

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Custody Service

A licensed, white-gloved custody service that seamlessly integrates our robust technology into the user's front-end. Free yourself from the risk of private keys, missing key shards, and employees juggling multiple cold storage devices. With Azobé, we safekeep your blockchain keys while you maintain the power to specify your own policy rules and controls.

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Crypto exchange

Lykke Exchange, your trusted crypto exchange, provides unique trading conditions for all levels of traders.

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Meet Pocket, your gateway to effortless crypto management. Tailored for retail customers, Pocket is a simple and intuitive crypto wallet designed to simplify every aspect of your digital assets. Seamlessly make transactions, navigate on-/off-ramps, and exchange currencies with ease, putting you in control of your crypto journey.

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Analytics and Forecasting

Inspired by the dynamic changes in the crypto landscape, we also proudly present ATTMO, a cutting-edge tool designed to forecast market conditions. Harnessing a predictive model rooted in intrinsic time, ATTMO empowers you to comprehend various market states, strategically optimizing your trade timing for enhanced returns.

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We harness the power of industry-leading software, tools, and solutions to keep you moving at top speed.

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