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About Lykke
Founded by Richard Olsen, Lykke is a pioneer in cryptocurrency trading, with roots in high-frequency finance.
Richard Olsen
Evolving from a leading global forex broker, we harnessed blockchain technology in 2015 for a new era of crypto trading.
Transparency, Security, and Innovation
With a focus on transparency and security, Lykke is a trusted cryptocurrency trading venue, offering unique trading conditions for all levels of traders.
Lykke caters to institutional clients, providing specialized services with reduced fees, opening new opportunities in the crypto space.
We've developed innovative solutions, including ATTMO (crypto weather forecasting tool), Azobe (custody for institutions and high-net-worth individuals), AERIAL (blockchain reward and referral marketing solution), BLOOM (custom wallet development), CHIMERA (NFT marketplace solution), and NECTAR (financial tokenization platform).
DocumentWhy Trade Crypto at Lykke?
  1. Lykke Wallet offers an all-in-one free crypto trading platform with zero trading fees and low buy-sell spreads.
  2. We cover your fiat deposit and withdrawal fees, enabling you to trade crypto for free on Lykke.
  3. Enjoy solid liquidity, low spreads, and top-notch security with KYC and AML compliance standards.
  4. Accessible and efficient human support provides high-quality personalized service.
Join us in building the future of finance
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