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Up to 3% of crypto staking rewards with Lykke Wallet

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What makes Lykke Wallet one of the best crypto staking platforms out there?

  • Get started in 3 clicks
  • Highly secure
  • Multiple assets supported
  • High yield crypto staking
  • Start small (with as little as $1), earn big

How to stake crypto with Lykke Wallet?

  1. Create an account
  2. Buy or deposit what you consider the best crypto for staking (no fees included)
  3. Convert your regular coins to staked coins
  4. Staking rewards will be paid out to you daily
  5. Staked coins can be converted to regular coins anytime on a 1:1 basis
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How does crypto staking work?
Crypto staking involves locking up your digital assets to support the network's operations and, in return, earning rewards or interest.
What is the best crypto for staking?
The best coin for staking depends on your specific preferences and goals. Both of our current staking options - Ethereum and Cardano, offer excellent opportunities.
What advantages does crypto staking offer?
Earning rewards through staking encourages long-term commitment, enhances security, decentralization, and scalability—all without the energy-intensive processes of traditional mining.
Can I unstake my coins at any time?
Yes, you can unstake your coins at any time. Staking flexibility allows you to withdraw your assets whenever you choose, providing liquidity and control over your staked holdings.
How often are crypto rewards paid out?
Rewards are paid out on a daily basis, providing you with a consistent and daily return on your staked assets.