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How to stake Ethereum

If you are registered with Lykke, it is very simple. And if you aren't, sign up and complete verification in just a few minutes.

Here's how staking Ethereum at Lykke works:

  • Deposit or buy Ethereum (ETH) on the Lykke exchange.
  • Purchase ETHs. That's it! We'll automatically pay your rewards daily.
  • ETHs can be converted anytime to ETH on a 1:1 basis.
  1. Absolutely! Here's why:

    • Easy enrollment: Start staking with a few clicks.
    • Start small: Get rewards by investing as little as $1.
    • Earn a passive income: Your Ethereum won't collect dust; it will generate rewards.
  2. It is:

    • Simple: ETH staking made easy, even for beginners.
    • Secure: Your assets are safeguarded every stage of the staking process.
    • Generates steady earnings: Watch your Ethereum investment grow effortlessly.
  3. At present, ETH and ADA staking options are both available. We are actively working to introduce additional tokens for staking in the upcoming weeks and months.

  4. The annualised reward rate for ETHs staking is subject to various factors, primarily influenced by the underlying Ethereum network activities. These factors include the total amount of ETH staked, prevailing market conditions, and the specific staking rewards Ethereum offers. Currently, ETHs offers a minimum annualised staking reward rate of 1.5%. It's important to note that this rate is calculated using a mathematical formula and may fluctuate based on network dynamics.

  5. ETHs staking rewards are closely tied to the performance of validator nodes operated by Lykke. As a ETHs holder, you will receive the total rewards generated by these nodes, after deducting node operational costs and a Lykke commission fee of 5%.