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LYFFE, Currency Grown With Care

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LYFFE, our utility token, is the cornerstone of Lykke and our vision. It is meant to enhance your crypto journey with access to all of our products and services.


Initially, there will be 2,334,096,100 LYFFE tokens. However, the total supply will progressively decrease through token burns over time.

10% of the capital is reserved for investors purchasing the token, released gradually based on market demand to build a diverse investor base. Another 10% supports the exchange's expansion program, while 20% funds community projects and incubation services.

The majority, 60%, is allocated for innovative utility and voucher products, including insurance, CO2 tracking, custody, new initiatives, market making, and other services.


For insights into utility token FAQs, head over to the Help Center.

Why invest in $LFF

A vision based on stable grounds...

  1. We believe in widespread token distribution, aiming to benefit as many individuals as possible, rather than concentrating ownership in the hands of a few investors.
  2. Use $LFF to cover transaction fees and make payments for our products and services. More importantly, as an early buyer, you'll have the opportunity to access these products and services at a budget-friendly cost.
  3. A portion of the tokens will be systematically burned, contributing to a reduction in the total supply and potentially increasing the value of each LYFEE token.


  1. Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual form of security, generally utilizing cryptography, any central authority doesn't control that. Typically, utility tokens will grant access to some function or service on the platform and are nonfungible, not to be deemed common currency.

  2. LYFFE ($LFF) is an example of a utility token that grants holders access to ATTMO signals for predicting market movements and all the B2B crypto solutions developed by Lykke.

  3. Utility tokens can appreciate in value as their usefulness and demand increase. Holders benefit when the token's utility grows, like accessing exclusive services or features. Additionally, some utility tokens come with staking, and, thus, rewards or offer fee discounts.

  4. Sure thing, utility tokens are often traded on CEXs. Users can buy, sell, and exchange them for other crypto or fiat currencies, depending on the token's liquidity and market demand.

  5. Yes, many utility tokens out there allow staking, where holders lock up their tokens to support the network's operations and earn rewards in return. LYFFE, Lykke's utility token, will also support staking in the future, offering a generous APY to stakers.

  6. As the name implies, utility tokens are valued based on their utility and usefulness within a given ecosystem. Factors such as functionality, adoption, and demand for the services they enable play key roles in determining their value.

If you are having trouble purchasing your LYFFE tokens, contact us at [email protected]