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Lykke’s Aerial loyalty platform – our new revolutionary tool

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Thinking about setting up a loyalty scheme for your business? Experiencing disappointing engagement with your existing loyalty initiatives? Looking to expand the number of earning and spending options for your customers? Then you should consider the next generation of blockchain-based loyalty schemes, enabled by Lykke’s Aerial loyalty platform.

 “Everyone who wants to build an ecosystem to provide (loyalty) incentives, from financial institutions and retail conglomerates (such as shopping malls or supermarket chains) to payment processing platforms, could use blockchain-based loyalty schemes,” explains Lykke’s adviser to the CEO, Dom Braun.

 Traditional loyalty programs rewarding clients for their repeat purchases have been around for decades. But their back-end processes often come with limitations when it comes to redemption options and efficiency. This is where the emergence of blockchain technology steps in to revolutionize the loyalty landscape.

Blockchain-based solutions such as Lykke’s Aerial provide:

“Lykke Aerial Loyalty app makes it easy for clients to both earn and burn rewarded points, digital vouchers or incentives taking other forms. It’s the future,” Braun underlines.

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