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Lykke joins the Capital Markets and Technology Association

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Zug, Switzerland. – March 16, 2021. The Swiss start-up Lykke joined CMTA (Capital Markets and Technology Association) — an independent association assembled by the main actors from Switzerland's financial, technological and legal sectors, with the objective of creating common standards around issuing, distributing and trading securities in the form of tokens using the distributed ledger technology.

Lykke is pleased to join the CMTA association, Lykke believes and shares the same vision as CMTA and together we can promote transparency and reliability needed to popularize DLT for financing purposes. Additionally, with our broad experience in the crypto space we will assist CMTA to create standards and systemize good practices at the regulatory, accounting and technical levels.

The CMTA was created with the idea that DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and more particularly blockchain technology, has the potential to simplify the financing of companies and democratize their access to financial markets, which is for the time being, essentially reserved for large companies. 

Lykke has always aimed to bridge the gap between traditional finance and blockchain, by lowering barriers to market entry, solving inefficiencies within the current economic system, and democratizing access to digital asset marketplaces, all by leveraging the power of a broader ecosystem.

About CMTA

Established by Lenz & Staehelin, Swissquote Bank Ltd, and Temenos AG, with the support of EPFL, the CMTA is a not-for-profit, non-governmental association, capable of assuming an independent role as standard-setter for the use of blockchain technology in capital markets. The CMTA's published standards can be consulted on the Standards page. Learn more about CMTA’s work by visiting the website and following Lykke on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Lykke

Lykke is a Swiss-based global fintech firm that utilizes blockchain and emerging technologies to provide solutions for consumers, investors, and corporations. By leveraging the power of a broader ecosystem, Lykke’s platforms eliminate barriers to market entry, solve inefficiencies within current economic systems, and democratize access to digital asset marketplaces. Learn more about Lykke’s work by visiting the website and following Lykke on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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