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Why use Lykke for trading?

Lykke Wallet is a free cryptocurrency trading platform with the following perks:

  1. No trading fee.
  • For real, we just don’t charge any fee for exchanging anything on our platform: cryptocurrencies, forex (fiat), digitized commodities or index tokens.
  1. Fiat gateway, fiat pairs.
  • A lot of times in order to buy an altcoin you have to perform several exchange steps. On Lykke, you can deposit your EUR, GBP or CHF directly and buy various cryptos with fiat money.
  1. Swiss Touch.
  • We have high standards of security and compliance commitment. You will have to pass KYC, but this way you can be sure that you trade against honest citizens, just like yourself.
  1. Human support.
  • Talking to a bot that constantly sends you useless links may be frustrating. Our support service is offered by real people who hear you and take action.
  1. LyCI index tokens.
  • Stock exchanges have indexes that show how the market does as a whole. Lykke has the same for crypto, moreover, you can also purchase an index with all its constituents as a token!

Why trust Lykke Corp?

  1. With you since 2015.
  • Lykke was registered as a company back in 2013 but started operating in 2015. During these years, we have accumulated a long experience in building digitized financial tools and services.
  1. Strong financial engineers.
  • Lykke Financial Innovation team is a real think-tank that designs, tests, and implements innovative services and products, such as index tokens.
  1. Transparency.
  • Lykke is pursuing regulatory approvals and to live up to the standards, we independently get successfully audited every year, even if it’s completely optional.
  1. Regulatory path.
  • Lykke has been pursuing regulation approvals from its very foundation during the “wild” years of the crypto industry.

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