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At Lykke, we're redefining the landscape of financial technology, and we're doing it with a dynamic approach that sets us apart. Our remote-first culture champions flexibility, empowerment, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. If you're seeking more than just a job - a career that values your unique talents and fosters continuous growth - then you've come to the right place.

More Than Just a Job: Joining Our Unique Work Environment

Core Values

  1. Experience the freedom of working 100% remotely while maintaining peak productivity. At Lykke, remote work is not just a convenience; it's a way of life.
  2. We understand that every day is different, and we embrace this by offering flexible working hours. At Lykke, your schedule is designed to suit your needs and empower your productivity.
  3. Our work culture thrives on empowered teams. Whether you're part of our back office or project delivery teams, you play a pivotal role in shaping the vision. Collaborate closely with project managers, engineers, analysts, designers, legal experts, and operational teams to make strategic decisions and drive project success. This collaborative approach accelerates our progress and helps us achieve our goals swiftly.
  4. Feedback is the cornerstone of our growth. At Lykke, we embrace feedback early and frequently. It's not just a privilege reserved for certain roles – anyone can challenge ideas. You can even challenge the Founder, Richard. In fact, he’d welcome it. This open communication empowers us to stay focused, move rapidly, and adapt as needed. We are committed to providing genuine, direct, and respectful feedback to foster continuous improvement across our teams.
  5. We constantly challenge ourselves and each other to innovate, even in a remote setting. We encourage experimentation and actively share the results with our peers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Your Growth Matters

At Lykke, we are dedicated to nurturing talent. We want you to thrive and be your best self in our dynamic and supportive work environment. Join us on this journey, where work is more than just a job - it's a fulfilling experience tailored to your success.

Becoming a Lykke Team Member

  1. Start your rewarding career journey with Lykke by submitting your application through our dedicated page. When you find a role that resonates with your skills and aspirations, introduce yourself through your application. In addition to your CV, include a cover letter that not only showcases your strengths but also articulates your keen interest in the specific opportunities available.
  2. At Lykke, we receive a substantial volume of applications every week. We kindly request your patience as we thoroughly assess each submission. Please allow us up to two weeks to carefully review your application. If your application aligns with the skill set we are seeking, rest assured that we will be in touch with you to schedule an initial interview.
  3. The initial interview is a pivotal step in our recruitment process. This online interaction serves as an opportunity for us to delve deeper into your talents and professional background. At Lykke, we believe that finding a great fit is a mutual journey. During this interview, you'll not only discover more about what it's like to work with us but also provide us with insights into your unique qualities and expectations.
  4. Assuming the initial interview goes well and we identify a strong match, you will be invited to participate in an online technical interview. This stage is designed to evaluate your technical expertise and gain further insights into your personality, experience, and motivation. Following the technical interview, we will proceed to make our final decision regarding your job offer.

Visit our Help Center for assistance or contact us at [email protected].