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Experience the game-changing impact of tokenization as Lykke introduces an innovative solution crafted for governments and associations.


Redefine interactions between citizens or members, leveraging the power of digital assets to enhance transparency, efficiency, and collaboration.

Join Lykke on a transformative journey where the integration of tokenization paves the way for a future of streamlined processes and unprecedented progress.

Blockchain ensures trust through transparent, immutable transaction records. Tokenize welfare benefits and provide clear visibility into resource allocation, fostering accountability and confidence.

Introduce community tokens. Through token-based reward systems, governments and associations can encourage desired behaviors.

Automate processes utilizing smart contracts, reducing administrative overhead in the management of welfare programs or association collaborations.

Tokenized ecosystems enable secure and instant transactions, fostering stronger connections and partnerships for associations working across borders.

Our products and services

Which of our products and services best serve governments and associations?


A versatile platform solution meticulously designed to combine loyalty, gamification incentive systems, analytics, and more.

Empower users to engage in a range of desirable behaviors by seamlessly earning, sharing, and spending tokens within your tokenized ecosystem.

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