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Reflection on the Journey

Reflection on the Journey
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September 26th was a very significant day for Lykke as we celebrated our 5th anniversary. We took the time to reflect on what has been achieved in our journey, we are more than grateful to all our customers, community members, investors, stakeholders, and friends who together through the twists and turns, remain true to our dream.

Over these years, we adapted and modified, we evolved and pivoted, we rolled back several initiatives and introduced others, helping us to grow and to define the thoughtful team we have today.

We are outspoken about our optimism towards the future of Lykke. Regulation is in our DNA and this unwavering commitment will remain until we secure the FINMA license; this is the moment where we need to focus on and remain true to our vision.

With high-caliber customers such as EMAAR, Raiffeisen, and IATA, Lykke Business has been a success. The maturing of our projects and offerings has provided a new platform where Lykke can flourish. Our solutions help us serve enterprises by building and launching secure platforms powered by blockchain.

Amidst recent events in the crypto space, we want to highlight the high commitment we have to security. We place the security of our users first in all scenarios. Since day one, we have provided Private Wallets and Cold Wallets for safe storage, combined with high-level practice in the management of customers’ information.

On this 5th anniversary, we want to refresh ourselves with a product rebranding. This rebranding captures everything we have learned over these 5 years, highlighting the Fintech side of our daily business combined with the enriched ecosystem we are building.

The game is slowly changing, governments and regulators are setting new rules to play. We will be leading the wave. The next stage is when the real action takes place; join us on this pathway to a successful future.

Yours faithfully,

Lykke Team

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