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Discover the boundless opportunities of crypto and forex trading with Lykke’s APIs. Dive in and explore our documentation.

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Experience the power of Lykke's robust, scalable, secure, and real-time market data APIs, specifically tailored for crypto, forex, and Bitcoin trading. These APIs provide the essential tools you need to create, test, and optimize your trading strategies.

What is algorithmic trading? Connect via API

Introduction to cryptocurrency algorithmic trading, tips and examples.

Connect via API

Dive in and explore our documentation.

  1. For algorithmic traders, our HFT APIs offer the perfect solution. Set up your algorithmic trading strategies, explore different processes and tactics, and elevate your trading game with ease. With Lykke's HFT APIs, you can automate your trades and stay ahead of the curve.
  2. Stay connected to the market with our comprehensive Public APIs. From candles to Asset Pairs and Order Books, Lykke’s Public APIs provide real-time market information to keep you informed and up to date. Monitor market trends, analyze prive movements, and make data-driven decisions.
  3. At Lykke, we embrace innovation. That’s why we support gRPC, a modern and lightweight communication protocol developed by Google. With gRPC, you can seamlessly integrate our APIs into your existing systems, ensuring efficient and reliable communication across multiple languages and operating systems.

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