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Overshoot indicator

Directional-changes in percentage terms
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Each value on the grid shows the relative size of the current overshoot measured as the fraction of the corresponding directional-change threshold.

Green color corresponds to the upward trend when the read color to the downward trend of the price curve at the given market.

Presented information visualizes the multi-scale nature of the price evolution and can be used to identify moment of new directional changes.

For details on the directional-change intrinsic time please refer to the following research paper: Glattfelder (2011)

Cross-exchange arbitrage indicators

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This matrix shows arbitrage opportunities between various crypto exchanges for selected asset pairs. Transactions and trading fees are not included.

Arbitrage appears when the best bid in one exchange is bigger than the best ask in another.

Bid prices are presented on the top of the table. Ask prices are located on the left-hand side.

Each cell of the table contains the size of the arbitrage opportunity measured in the percentage of the current price. Negative value marks the extent to which a bid price of one exchange is bigger than the ask of another. Numbers below negative values indicate the size of the arbitrage opportunity estimated in the base asset.

Values below -1% are colored in red. Values above 1% are marked by green.