Taker and Maker Relations

When a new order is placed through the API, it can be filled immediately or placed in the order book, depending on the order price and amount you set.

In case your entire order is completed right away, you are recognized as a Taker. You will be charged in the amount of 0.19%.

If your order can not be filled with existing orders immediately, your order is placed in the order book. As soon it is matched, your order will be completed. In this case, you are a Maker and you will pay 0.10% fee. You can cancel the order that is in the order book until it is filled.

Although a combined scenario is possible, in which your new order is partially completed immediately, and partially placed in the order book. In this case, you are a taker for the fulfilled part and you pay a taker fee of 0.19%. Accordingly, for the remainder part of the order, you are a Maker and will be charged in amount of 0.10% once it is matched.

Taker and Maker Fees

Maker/Taker fees depends on the trading volume for each asset pair for last 31 days.

Maker fee Taker fee Volume for 31 days
0.10% 0.19% 0..1%
0.09% 0.18% > 1%
0.08% 0.17% > 2.5%%
0.07% 0.16% > 5%%
0.06% 0.15% > 10%%
0.05% 0.14% > 20%%

Beta Testing Period Fees

Currently the API is in the beta testing stage. It will be announced additionally when the beta testing period is finished. During the beta testing period Maker/Taker fees are zero.

Special Discounted Fees for Betatesters

Lykke also provides special discounts for Beta Testers during the first 31 days after the beta testing period is finished. Beta Tester is a client with at least one successful trade using Lykke API during the beta testing period.

During the first 31 days after the beta testing period the following fees will be applied for Beta Testers.

Maker fee Taker fee
0.05% 0.14%