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Terms and Conditions of Lykke FX Colored Coins Issuance

31 DECEMBER 2016


The Terms and Conditions governs the issuance of certificates of IOUs (referred as "colored coins") by Lykke Corp UK Ltd., full subsidiary of Lykke Corp (referred as "Lykke").

Lykke is a FinTech company building a global marketplace with settlement on the blockchain using colored coins technology.


Lykke is using distributed ledger technology (referred as "blockchain" or "distributed ledger") for providing the services, including issuance, transfers and exchange of colored coins. The services are based on the Open Assets protocol. Open Assets is a colored coin implementation based on the OP_RETURN operator. Metadata is linked from the blockchain and stored on the web. See

For communication with the distributed ledger, client application has been created for mobile iOS and Android operating system. To own and exchange colored coins the Lykke Wallet mobile app needs to be downloaded and installed.

This document might not contain the entire information considered important by the interested parties. Since the blockchain technology is relatively new, Lykke will start testing the new colored coins issue carefully, on a limited scale and by using a design that serves to minimise risks.


The precondition for the purchase and redemption of the colored coins is a customer relationship with Lykke. In the establishment of the relationship, Lykke thus adheres, among other things, to the obligations arising from the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act.


The colored coins shall be freely transferable and exchangeable, subject to the limitations arising from the legal acts of EU and other countries. The issue of the colored coins shall not be registered under the legal acts any other country. The colored coins may not thus be sold or offered for sale in any country, where a previous registration or other formalities are required for the purpose.

Any payments to be made by Lykke and the holder of the colored coin in connection with the colored coins shall be made in bitcoins.


Colored coins are digital financial securities that specify the obligations of Lykke. A holder of a colored coin has the right to return the colored coin to Lykke and request fulfilment of the obligation (IOU) as specified by the colored coin.

FX colored coins issued by Lykke represents the IOU to request a transfer of respective amount in settlement currency. Holder of the colored coin is entitled to receive assets as specified in Appendix A.

All FX colored coins trades are placed on Lykke Exchange. Lykke organizes spot exchange to other colored coins traded. No remittance services are possible. Asset specification is provided in Appendix A.

Example of a colored coin: 1 Lykke USD colored coin: commitment to pay 1 USD within three business days.

The time period for the payment begins with the remittance of the coin to Lykke and the request for delivery.

Payment is made to the account of the holder.


To acquire a colored coin, customer needs to use Lykke Exchange accessible of the Lykke Wallet mobile application.

The value of the colored coins is defined by the reference market prices.

Colored coins may be acquired during the entire period of the Terms.

Lykke has the right to decide on the cancellation of the issue or reduction of the volume of the issue.

Colored coins may only be redeemed by customers of Lykke.

The redemption payment per colored coin shall be the nominal value of the colored coin.

Lykke has the right to redeem colored coins at an earlier date.

Lykke shall make the redemption payment to the person who has sought redemption of the colored coin in Lykke during the term of redemption.

The last redemption date of the colored coins is 1 January 2019.


Lykke shall be liable for breach of an obligation arising from the conditions of issue only if the breach is deliberate or attributable to gross negligence.

The colored coins and any rights and obligations thereof shall be governed by the English Common Law.



Lykke CHF colored coins lkeCHF AJPMQpygd8V9UCAxwFYYHYXLHJ7dUkQJ5w 6 Currency 250,000 10,000,000
Lykke EUR colored coins lkeEUR ASzmrSxhHjioWMYivoawap9yY4cxAfAMxR 6 Currency 100,000 10,000,000
Lykke GBP colored coins lkeGBP AKi5F8zPm7Vn1FhLqQhvLdoWNvWqtwEaig 6 Currency 100,000 10,000,000
Lykke USD colored coins lkeUSD AWm6LaxuJgUQqJ372qeiUxXhxRWTXfpzog 6 Currency 230,000 10,000,000
Lykke JPY colored coins lkeJPY Ab8mNRBmrPJCmghHDoMsq26GP5vxm7hZpP 6 Currency 10,000,000 100,000,000
Lykke AUD colored coins lkeAUD AJ3rqRoF1MmZDDqR1Z8GuEVxzYiXssxiaA 6 Currency 0 10,000,000
Lykke CAD colored coins lkeCAD AGWy3EMwk7wUZJuq7a562dSsj9CQfSKzPU 6 Currency 0 10,000,000
Lykke CZK colored coins lkeCZK AW4SFY26E6GP7xwPZn89cgJTfJriuvCPqD 6 Currency 0 50,000,000
Lykke DKK colored coins lkeDKK ALreLpfmyMZ8UrenGEGrjFK3dn5oT7NydL 6 Currency 0 10,000,000
Lykke HKD colored coins lkeHKD AUqn5Gk1iCT4QtTLMbgX3J7jR28nppwWq7 6 Currency 0 10,000,000
Lykke HUF colored coins lkeHUF ANeHC4yQV8aNhYHhBYhuuxQZ318s3Fb7JB 6 Currency 0 500,000,000
Lykke ILS colored coins lkeILS ARJPZEa1v52mHTc2HyKeFBcwz2QzTgtSci 6 Currency 0 10,000,000
Lykke MXN colored coins lkeMXN AS4EUBD2S23QphTLX5pF2Np2JpDm7E8XhV 6 Currency 0 50,000,000
Lykke NOK colored coins lkeNOK ARXTthCHhkkzAYtVbSXTGhhPqv1tCw1ZH7 6 Currency 0 10,000,000
Lykke NZD colored coins lkeNZD AFoottWd5WqpPr2y5sDoxsYA9BSVt5B9u9 6 Currency 0 10,000,000
Lykke PLN colored coins lkePLN AXxbFZx4Vs7eHMB3k78PPHTDJ9uZ2ycGt2 6 Currency 0 5,000,000
Lykke RUB colored coins lkeRUB ASb6yTGUdsG9W9Md2MTjx5oYEqmCLUf1oQ 6 Currency 0 500,000,000
Lykke SEK colored coins lkeSEK AKQTf7NBtpDATSFpjyQPCNLCpNe9Ram1nT 6 Currency 0 100,000,000
Lykke SGD colored coins lkeSGD AQ9GfEpvdau5X3Kv6FDpxhjR6XiVj9K4UX 6 Currency 0 10,000,000
Lykke TRY colored coins lkeTRY ARqQ3R4tWCGLTo1M6pHJydGUex1hYrTyYe 6 Currency 0 10,000,000
Lykke ZAR colored coins lkeZAR AXv7iPodAFxxP1kr3jS1dg1C5gG41AFEm3 6 Currency 0 10,000,000