Sergey Ivliev
Products & Operations
Sergey’s dream is to make financial market better, faster and more inclusive. For 16 years being an industry professional, lecturer, author, events curator, member of editorial boards of academic journals and expert councils he contributes to promote best practices of financial markets and risk management. Executed and supervised 100+ large scale system implementation projects with total revenue exceeding 40 Mio. Regional Director at PRMIA Russia and associate professor at Perm State University.
Michael Nikulin
Michael is architect, designer and developer with 10 year experience in creating market solutions for financial institutions, including Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud Detection and Financial Markets Compliance solutions. Combines deep knowledge of financial architecture with Blockchain settlement mechanisms.
Lena Mechenkova
Lena is a communications professional with more than 17 years’ experience in public relations and mass media. Areas of expertise include corporate communications, internal communications, event management, change communications, writing, and public speaking.
Thomas Birrer
Thomas’ background is in commerce and banking. Currently Thomas is preparing his PhD-Thesis in Economics at the University of Basel. He is also a fellow and tutor at the Institute for Financial Services Zug where he is engaged as director of the «CFO Forum Schweiz», as project leader of different projects — amongst them «currencies as value drivers in companies» sponsored by the Confederation’s innovation promotion agency.
Anton Golub
Anton worked at the Manchester Business School as a Marie Curie research fellow on high frequency trading, market micro-structure and Flash Crashes.
Richard Olsen
Founder, CEO
Richard is a pioneer in high frequency finance with extensive entrepreneurial experience and well known for his academic work. He was a co-founder of OANDA, a currency information company and market maker in foreign exchange. Under Richard’s stewardship as CEO of OANDA the company was a shooting star that launched the first fully automated FX trading platform offering second-by-second interest rate payments and netted 37 Mio of profits in 2007. Already at OANDA, he conceived the first trading platform with second-by-second interest payments. He is chief executive of Olsen Ltd, an investment manager, and visiting professor at the Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents at the University of Essex. His ambition is to transform financial markets into a seamless system without the inefficiencies that we today take for granted.
Arseniy Steblyuk
Risk Management
Arseniy has extensive expertise in maintaining business continuity, ensuring sustainable operations of a highly technical, high-frequency electronic trading firm in complex regulatory environment and promoting companywide risk awareness.
Andrey Migin
Software Development
Andrey is exceptional team leader with 8 year professional experience of FX marketplace systems development.
Shahpour Moavenat
Shahpour sees the important role that trust plays in bringing people’s abilities together. During his university studies cryptography was one of his major concerns. Recently he has tried to put efforts of different people over the Internet to build software. He has found all the tree aspects at Lykke.
Demetrios Zamboglou
International Operations
Demetrios brings a wealth of technical experience finely dovetailed with operational creativity, required to propel Lykke’s growth and popularity worldwide. A financial services visionary, with extensive award-winning experience in the fields of risk management, trading, compliance, product development and behavioural science — Demetrios delivers a high-calibre balanced package of real-time operational proficiency and forward-looking invention to the Lykke vision of changing the world for the better — and for all.