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How to buy Worldview (TREE)

Buying Worldview coins means more than just purchasing a cryptocurrency. By owning one TREE token, you participate in the movement of preserving one of the most valuable plants of Myanmar, the mangrove.


Lykke Corporation has contributed to the development of this token by listing it on the exchange. Therefore, an increasing number of users may buy TREE within the Lykke Wallet. The process to do so is straightforward to anyone able to use a smartphone with the iOS or Android operating system. Simply log in to your Lykke Wallet, or download and install this application if you don’t yet have one. Within the application, you can acquire World View by credit card or bank transfer, or in exchange for bitcoin.

How to buy TREE with a credit or debit card

These payments options are available in the Lykke Wallet via your payment service provider for any credit or debit card holder.


Thus, you need payment service provider user account to deposit CHF, EUR, GBP, or USD to your Lykke account. Once the funds appear in your Lykke Wallet, tap the button add beside TREE and the Limit Buy/Sell option, and choose the fiat currency that you have had deposited.


Your balance appears on the screen, so there is nothing else left but to enter the amount of TREE that you want and to finalize the transaction.

How to buy TREE with bitcoin


If you keep your BTC in your Lykke Wallet, tap the button add next to TREE, and then tap Buy to buy TREE with bitcoin.


Enter the amount of TREE that you intend to acquire, and you see the most recent unit price in BTC and the total BTC for the purchase.

If you have your BTC somewhere else, you must first transfer it to your Lykke Wallet’s BTC address.

If you follow these steps, you will soon be a TREE owner and a proud member of this awesome community.

How to buy TREE with bank transfer

You can fund your Lykke account with the fiat currencies that we have listed in the second section of this article. There are numerous ways to make a transaction, one of which is by bank transfer.


Simply select a fiat, tap the button add and choose SWIFT.


You are provided with bank account details for making the transfer.

As soon as the amount is deposited, Lykke will notify you, and you may spend the deposit on TREE tokens and keep them in your official World View Coin Wallet within the Lykke app.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to buy?

Let’s summarise what TREE represents and then answer this question. A purchase of this invaluable token symbolizes carbon credit rights and living mangrove trees.

Considering the current complex environmental situation worldwide and the significant impact of Worldview International Foundation’s work on preserving this important plant, which captures a substantial amount of CO2, it is safe to say that the right time to buy TREE is now. Since you already know that you can buy Worldview on the Lykke Exchange, what is holding you back?

What are the risks with buying Worldview?

As long as the token is listed on the Lykke Exchange, you will be able to sell it for fiat currencies or trade it for BTC. For that reason, investing in TREE can be considered a safe purchase. The more important question to ask is what the risks of not buying it are. For future generations of humans and the best interest of our environment, we are inclined to say that there are significant risks involved in not buying TREE.

Can you sell TREE?

Certainly. As mentioned earlier, Worldview can be traded for EUR, CHF, GBP, or USD at the most recent rates within the Lykke Wallet all times. These tokens can also be exchanged for BTC.

Can you buy partial TREE tokens?

Just as you can with other crypto assets, you can buy partial TREE tokens. To put it another way, there is no minimum purchase. If what you spend is less than the rate for a single token at the time of purchase, you get the equivalent portion of a token.

What is the best payment method to use when buying?

Any of the methods are safe and efficient, and they are all implemented within the Lykke Wallet. It is up to your preference.