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How to buy Chronobank (TIME)

Chronobank has recognized room for improvement in the current human resources, recruitment, and finance industries, and they are working on implementing revolutionary changes by utilizing blockchain technology. Chronobank coins are unique in that they are backed by a legally binding contractual obligation to provide labor-hours.


The Chronobank TIME token is available on Lykke Exchange; moreover, it can be purchased by several varieties of fiat currencies besides the bitcoin crypto asset. Anyone with a Lykke Wallet and a verified account can buy Chronobank coins and hold them in the Chronobank coin TIME wallet application.

How to buy TIME by credit card


This process is straightforward and secure and requires the user to have an account at in addition to a Lykke Wallet. Sign in to your Lykke Wallet, and select the fiat currency that you wish to use: Euro, GBP, or USD.


If you choose Credit Card as the deposit option, you are redirected to, where you can make a payment by following the instructions onscreen. When the deposit appears in your Lykke Wallet, you can spend it on TIME tokens.

How to buy TIME with bitcoin

Bitcoin can easily be exchanged for TIME within your Lykke Wallet. The application is user-friendly, but for newbies, let’s briefly describe the steps.


First, log into your Lykke Wallet, and choose the button add next to TIME and the Buy option.


The wallet shows you your available BTC balance. Type in the desired amount of TIME tokens, and tap Checkout to complete the transaction.

Congratulations on purchasing TIME!

How to buy TIME by bank transfer

You can fund your Lykke Wallet by transferring CHF, EUR, GBP, or Euro with a simple bank transfer and then use the amount to buy Chronobank coins.


For details about transferring any of these currencies, go to your Lykke Wallet, and simply select the button add next to the desired currency. Once your account is verified, you can transfer the money.


Lykke notifies you via email of the successful deposit, so, once you receive it, don’t waste your time! Sign in, and buy TIME tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to buy?

You might find Chronobank to be an appealing project, not only because of the professional team behind it, but also because of the gradual increase in the token price since its release nearly six months ago. If all goes according to their plans, the sooner you make a purchase, the more you will benefit from their success.

What are the risks with buying TIME?

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, and the daily price fluctuation can be as steep as ten percent occasionally. Bear this in mind when you decide to invest in any asset. Even so, the value of Chronobank TIME tokens has proven to be relatively stable compared to the rapid changes in price that seem to affect other kinds of coins.

Can you sell TIME?

You can sell your TIME tokens with a few taps within your Lykke Wallet app. It is your call; you may sell your Chronobank tokens in exchange for USD, Euro, JPY, GBP, or CHF, or you can trade them for bitcoin.

Can you buy partial TIME?

Certainly! Much like with other cryptocurrencies, you can purchase a fraction of a TIME token.

What is the best payment method to use when buying?

Let’s see: For credit or debit card purchases, you need a Credit Vouchers account as well as the Lykke Wallet app. Exchanging your BTC for TIME is simple; you can do it with your exchange wallet. Similarly, buying TIME tokens with a bank transfer doesn’t require you to have any other accounts. Select the one that suits you best.