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Lykke to list Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU) on the Lykke Exchange
Lykke to list Quanta Network Token Utility  (QNTU) on the Lykke Exchange

Lykke to list Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU) on the Lykke Exchange

Lykke, a FinTech company building a regulated, blockchain-based global marketplace, and Quanta, an Ethereum-based project to increase the transparency of lotteries via its regulated lottery product, will add the Quanta Network Token Utility (QNTU) to the list of tradable assets on the Lykke Exchange.

“We are happy to welcome QNTU to the Lykke Exchange,” said Richard Olsen, Lykke founder and CEO. “This listing will give our community even more opportunities for investing and trading—in this case in the gambling industry.”

“Listing on the Lykke Exchange is a big step for Quanta after the launch of our first product in February this year,” said Steven Ormond-Smith, Chief Financial Officer at Quanta. “It means that people will be able to buy QNTU through the Lykke Wallet on their mobile device with a credit card in seconds.“

QNTU token trading on the Lykke Exchange is expected to begin on May 16, 2018.

About Quanta

Quanta is a blockchain-based project, utilizing smart contracts in order to ensure fully transparent background in lotteries. With the implementation of numerical algorithms (namely Random Number Generation), Quanta minimize the opportunity of cheating and manipulation in gambling. As a result, such approach will reduce the stigmatization of lotteries and increase the confidence amongst potential players. The lottery under Quanta is not only fully safe and reliable, but also easily accessible worldwide.

For more information on QNTU, visit or for Quanta’s lottery product.

This agreement will make QNTU tokens available for buy and sell orders on the trading venue of Lykke Netherlands B.V., which carries a number of tokens and cryptocurrencies. Investors from a wide range of jurisdictions can access the Lykke NL trading venue through the free Lykke Wallet app for iOS and Android.

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