A glimpse into Lykke’s upcoming Market Data Service
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A glimpse into Lykke’s upcoming Market Data Service
A glimpse into Lykke’s upcoming Market Data Service

A glimpse into Lykke’s upcoming Market Data Service

Today, we would like to introduce our upcoming market data service. Its main goal is to provide clean and reliable market data accessible through an API.

When it comes to trading, especially in the blockchain ecosystem, one of the biggest pain points is the quality of the available data and the variety of formats used across different sources.

Our market data service aims to solve this problem by standardizing the data format and making it easily consumable. It allows reliable market price calculation and supports cross-exchanges trading strategies.

Lykke’s in-house platform gathers, cleans, stores and streams real time data for various asset classes and time frequencies. In the near future, historical data will be added.

Currently, the services tracks assets prices. However, as the platform evolves, Lykke plans to enrich it with more variables such as market capitalization and volume.

The asset classes included in the market data service are the following:

  • Lykke Financial Products
  • Cryptocurrencies & crypto-assets
  • Forex pairs
  • Equities*
  • Interest Rates*
  • Commodities*

At first, it will become the main source of clean and trustworthy data for Lykke’s internal services, ensuring a stable and performant trading architecture. Its main consumers being: Trading & Risk Management, Pricing Engine, Market Making and Research.

Ultimately, Lykke will make the standardized market data accessible to the public, allowing everyone to leverage it within their own applications and trading strategies.

Check the first iteration of our market data service here: https://marketdata.lykke.com/

*Will be added at a later date.

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