Open positions

Full Stack Developer / Architect with focus on real-time analytics and trading systems 

Lykke is changing the world of financial markets. Block chain technologies, stream analytics, HF trading, community centered finance (e.g. P2P lending), crowed funding are some of the buzz words that describe our activities. 

Lykke is looking for developers that are ready to work with the most advanced system architectures in financial systems and community based portals. 


  • Senior Full Stack Developers / Architects
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Junior Developer 


  • High frequency web based streaming architecture for trading and big data analysis (low latency, high throughput, fault tolerant)
  • Complex event & stream processing
  • Stream based real time analytics
  • Real-time metrics
  • CQRS, Event sourcing
  • Messaging patterns
  • Loose coupling, Microservices
  • Elasticsearch
  • .NET Core
  • High performance message broker (e.g. Kafka)
  • Stream processor (e.g. Storm, Flink, Amazon Kinesis, etc.)
  • NoSQL DBs (e.g. MongoDB)
  • In memory DB (e.g. Redis)
  • Docker


Mirko Kueck


C# Developer

Magic starts here

Agile Agile Agile. We need results. We do nothing for a process sake. We are aiming THE result.

It's very simple. You are a part of a team. You have a voice. You influence within decision making process. You are truly Agile. There is no Supervisor upon you. You do not have to sit and wait your next task from your supervisor and getting obsolete. We are building S/W with block-chain which is decentralised. Decentralisation - is our philosophy. The only centre of everything - is a team, which has the same objective and can help you get a target. So if you believe that you can deliver in total democratic environment, please read the Requirements.


  • Excellent knowledge of C#;
  • Excellent knowledge of ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core / .Net Core;
  • Excellent knowledge of MSSQL and NoSQL databases - what is the difference between them, how and why we use first or second one;
  • Good knowledge of web technologies (HTML, CSS/Less, JavaScript/Typescript, jQuery, SignalR);
  • GIT - is our everything;
  • Understand the difference between tasks and threads - which is better in which cases and why;
  • Design patterns (DI, IoC, Façade, Singleton, Producer/Consumer etc.) - what is your favourite one?;
  • The desire to create unit tests and all the necessary auxiliary tools to be sure that new feature did not break old features;
  • Understand what is the architecture of the application and why it exists;
  • Desire to acquire new knowledge every day and be open to new stuff;
  • Be organised. We work around the world.