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Lykke coins and shares

The share capital in the amount of CHF 128,569 is divided into 12,856,900 fully-paid registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 0.01 per share.

The shares are registered on blockchain. In total {{totalLykkeCoins}} Lykke coins (LKK) are issued. Each registered share of Lykke Corp corresponds to 100 Lykke coins.

Lykke ownership structure

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Lykke Feeds


August 31

The Open Initiative announces the appointment of a new member for the steering committee, Charles Cascarilla.

August 25

Zug, Switzerland. – August 27, 2020 – The Open Initiative announces the appointment of a new member for the steering committee, Sandra Ro.

Investors about Lykke

Lykke is based on a great idea and it starts to be a giant movement that will trigger a lot of very important changes in the financial industry.

Philipp Netzer
Lykke angel investor

As an angel investor, I like to see companies that can focus and create a satisfying customer experience while planning to go big and build on each success. That’s exactly what is happening at Lykke - that rare combination of talent, ambition, and a team that works well together. It’s a pleasure to watch.

Heinrich Zetlmayer
Lykke angel investor and board member

Imagine being part of the Netscape team in the early 90’s. This is what Lykke is about these days - the next wave.

Michael Hobmeier
Lykke angel investor and board member

Lykke will change the world of finance. This company has everything to make it happen!

Alexander Spuller
Lykke angel investor and board member

The Lykke project is huge and visionary. They are going to create much more than a currency exchange. You’ll be able to exchange land, cars, fractional ownership of anything, stock, bonds, art, tickets - all kinds of things. If it’s digital and it holds or represents value, you’ll be able to trade it on your Lykke wallet. Think of it as a combination of Google and eBay for digital values.

Lykke wallet is your future store of digitalized financial assets. Besides buying and selling digital assets at no cost you can store them also at no cost in your cryptographic Lykke wallet, like you store financial assets on a bank deposit.

Ralph Zurkinden
Lykke angel investor and board member

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