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Lykke Annual Report


Dear coinholders,

Welcome to the Lykke world!

Thank you for joining our cause and investing in Lykke. A special thank you for the many of you, who participate actively in our public channels and provide us feedback of how to improve our products and services.

Lykke builds a global marketplace for all types of digital assets and instruments on blockchain with open knowledge and open source software. As we speak, our users can trade currencies, our own shares and other selected assets. In the coming months, we will expand our coverage to include major cryptos, initial equities, fixed income instruments, commodities and investment products. We will launch an ICO platform for new listings. Initially, we focus on the retail user and develop a wallet to borrow, invest, lend, pay, save, trade and insure all in one. Over time we will enhance the offering to serve the institutional market. Today, we have a Vanuatu brokerage license and hope to soon receive a Cyprus brokerage license. We are applying for brokerage and other licenses in Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and more countries will follow.

During the first two years, we have developed an institutional accelerator business, where we support companies and governments to embrace blockchain technology and enhance their services with enterprise solutions of our technology.

Over the past year, our team has grown exponentially from a small group of 20 to 80 people today. It is a joy to work together and build an amazing organization with stellar products. A big thank you to all team members!

Key milestones

  • April
    The first Lykke Wallet public presentation
  • June
    Lykke Exchange / Lykke Wallet launch
    CHF 500K raised in a private round
  • August
    Android app launch; CHF 600K raised in a private round
  • September
    Lykke coin ICO (CHF 1.16M raised)
  • November
    Lykke Streams launch
  • December
    SolarCoin trading, Lykke joins Hyperledger
  • February
    Lykke 1-year Forward ICO (CHF 2M raised)
  • March
    Chronobank TIME token trading
  • April
    Lykke Accelerator launch
  • May
    Offchain settlement implemented
  • June
    Ethereum integration

Key Performance Metrics

Accounts registered
Trades settled on blockchain total value of with
Total traded value
Of the clients come from Switzerland, United States, United Kingdom, German
BTC paid in miners fee paid for onchain settlement (0.11% of the volume)
Active clients (at least 1 trade)
Average trade
Clients registered
Clients registered

Financial Outlook

Financial Hightlights (2016 FY) · mln CHF

Consolidated income
Total expenses
Net profit (loss)

Financial Hightlights (2016 FY) · mln CHF

Funds on banking accounts of Lykke Corp and the subsidiaries
Market value of the cryptocurrencies at Lykke Corp wallets
Lykke fiat colored coins in clients wallets
Net liquidity
This report of Lykke Corp includes the consolidated results of Lykke Corp Switzerland and Lykke Corp UK Limited for the reporting period from January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016, and operational metrics as of 1 June, 2017.

Financials statement are currently in the process of being audited and may therefore be subject to change.

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