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Lykke Christmas Raffle
Lykke Christmas Raffle

Lykke Christmas Raffle

The Seven Days of Christmas


The holiday season is something charming and magic, isn’t it? Kids wait for a miracle and even start to behave themselves to get a good gift. Later, with time, these miracles start having a logical explanation, but many of us still love the feeling of Christmas coming. Family members come together, tasty dishes come out of the baker and numerous gifts and presents cheer us up!


At Lykke, to celebrate the holiday season, we are running a Crypto Christmas Raffle with the following prizes:


1 prize - $250

2 prize - $150

3 prize - $50

The raffle is open for everybody to participate, you don't have to be a Lykke client, but the prizes will only be paid to Lykke Wallets (you will have to pass the KYC to receive your prize).

The prizes will be paid in Short LyCI crypto tokens, unless you are located in a restricted jurisdiction.


To participate in the raffle, it’s necessary to follow these simple rules:


1.     Post a minimum of 7 tweets / posts / comments about Lykke in social media.

Each one has to be unique and have sense (no bot posting with nonsense content will qualify for participation).


2.     Use the tag @lykke on Twitter / LinkedIn or @LykkeCity on Facebook in each post.


3.     The comments / tweets / posts have to be relevant to the fintech, blockchain, crypto industries.


4.     Any content is good, for example, Short LyCI token and the LyCI family tokens.


5.     Contact our support team within 00:00 on December 31 and submit the links to your 7 (or more) tweets / posts / comments with the tag @lykke on Twitter / LinkedIn or @LykkeCity on Facebook.


The prizes will be drawn randomly among all the qualifying participants on December 31st and the winners will be notified privately by email. The winner announcement on the Lykke social media pages will only include the winners' nicknames in the corresponding social media.

Before taking part in the Raffle, please read and acknowledge the campaign Terms and Conditions.

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