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Peace Can Campaign
Peace Can Campaign

Peace Can Campaign

Through their presence in Bangladesh, IIX Foundation (Singapore) has witnessed the dire nature of the situation and the immense international support required to assist the Rohingya community – over 60% of whom are women and children. Forced to flee for their lives, the refugees arrived in Bangladesh destitute but hopeful for a better tomorrow.

IIX Foundation is adopting a holistic approach to achieve Peace through Relief and Resilience. To achieve this, IIX Foundation is executing its Relief efforts in partnership with The Hunger Project; and its investments in resilience in cooperation with Lykke Corporation, a global leader for applied blockchain technology which creates open-source products that have positive, lasting impact.

Using a credit card or other service on IIX’s website IIX Peace Can Campaign, donors can commit to buying “IIX Peace Tokens”. Each Peace Token is $100 and 1 token supports 1 family.

Rather than simply providing relief, which is a definite immediate need, IIX will also be investing in the future of the refugees thereby building resilience.

Relief Today

Part of the philanthropic support will be used to provide displaced Rohingya families with clean water, food, sanitation, clean energy and other immediate necessities. This will be done in partnership with the Hunger Project.

Resilience Tomorrow

The Heyerdahl Climate Pioneers (TREE) token listed on Lykke Exchange represents a Mangrove Tree planted on 1 sqm in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park near the Rakhine state of Myanmar managed by Worldview International Foundation (WIF). Lykke enables anyone to act on climate and restore a vital ecosystem at the touch of a button. The project is in the final stages of VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) validation and public review, which will determine the number of carbon credits that can be sold annually: see WIF VCS Details. Mangroves climate superheroes, sequestering CO2 at up to five times the rate than dry forests with permanent storage in the ground.

IIX will open and fund its Lykke Wallet through a part of the funds raised (after relief work). Once its wallet is loaded, IIX can buy TREE, which becomes an asset in IIX’s Lykke wallet. Funds are allocated to WIF, which is preparing to plant 2 million mangroves in 2018, and calls for a TREE-volution to restore a billion mangroves in the next decade. Each TREE is backed by 500kg of carbon credits that accrue over 20 years (25kg per annum).

The trees planted through this campaign will be linked to the carbon credit market to generate capital which will then be reinvested into the Rohingya communities to build resilience and promote sustainable livelihoods in the coming years.

For $100 donation, donors can buy a IIX Peace Token today and give one family immediate relief today and resilience for tomorrow.

IIX Foundation

Since its founding, IIX has fostered the growth of the impact investing ecosystem in Asia, laying pipelines to connect the dots together with investors, entrepreneurs and innovators. IIX has mobilized more than $13 million worth of capital for development, generating $20 million in social value, and empowering over 10 million lives. Working to bring in new players for the space to thrive, IIX has empowered stakeholders in the public, private and non-profit sectors through rigorous advice and research, and continues to do so with thought leadership and knowledge management.

A year after IIX’s founding, its sister entity IIX Foundation, formerly known as Shujog, was set-up. IIX Foundation empowers marginalized people and protects the planet by scaling the positive impact of social innovators, through fostering growth, maturity and market readiness of Impact Enterprises and other social innovators.

Durreen Shahnaz

Peace Can campaign is lead by Durreen Shahnaz,  an investment banker- and media executive-turned-Social Entrepreneur from Bangladesh, the founder of IIX and  IIX Foundation.

Shahnaz began her career at Morgan Stanley in New York City and worked at Grameen Bank, World Bank, Merrill Lynch, Hearst Magazines, and Reader’s Digest.

Shahnaz taught, conducted research on impact measurement and ran the Program for Social Innovation and Change at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore. In addition, she founded, ran, and sold oneNest, an Impact Enterprise and global marketplace for handmade goods which impacted lives of more than half million women across the world.

Shahnaz holds a BA from Smith College; a joint degree — MBA from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania and MA from the School for Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. Shahnaz was an appointed member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Social Innovation and Advisor for CASE i3 at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. She is the Social Entrepreneur in Residence for INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship Catalyst Program. Shahnaz is also a TED speaker and a regular guest on Channel News Asia’s program ‘Views on News’ and BBC.

Shahnaz is a published author of academic papers and thought pieces on impact investing space. Shahnaz served as a Program Advisor for the Clinton Global Initiative and is on the Board of Advisor for National Book Development Council of Singapore’s Asian Festival of Children’s Content promoting Asian children’s literature across the globe. Durreen is the 2014 recipient of the prestigious Joseph Wharton Social Impact award, 2016 recipient of the Asia Society’s Asia Game Changer Awards, 2017 recipient of the Oslo Business for Peace Award and 2017 recipient of Market Builder of the Year Award (along with IIX) from Global Steering Group on Impact Investing of G-20.

Shahnaz currently serves on the Advisory Board of UNDP Innovation Facility, UNESCAP Trade, Investment and Innovation Division and $50 million Startup Fund under ICT Division of Government of Bangladesh.

Haunting black and white photos of Rohingya refugees that the whole world needs to see

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