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Lykke is the best place to change the world!

At Lykke, we take our inspiration from ideas like crowdsourcing and decentralization. We believe that each staff member contributes to our success. But only by working together will we achieve our highest potential. Join our team and make a difference.

Spirit of innovation

We love to rethink old assumptions, and we like to use the latest technologies to help us work as smartly as possible. We want to expose you you to a wide range of possibilities... and to have you do the same for us!

Remote work

You can work from any place in the world. The main performance measure is the result.

Encouraging initiatives

We are always open to your ideas. At Lykke, we deal in dream projects.


All the employees of our company are equal. We are free to express our point of view. All of us are heard. We listen to each other.


Everyone in Lykke stands ready to assist you or give you advice.

Haven't found a position for you? Send your resume/suggest a project you'd like to lead for Lykke: [email protected]